Posted on January 26, 2010


I don’t normally write blogs on my photoblog–hence why it is a photoblog, but I felt this was appropraite.

If you haven’t checked out LENS before, I highly recocommend you stop whatever you are doing, and look now. I mean it.

LENS is the photoblog of the New York Times, and is home to some of the most amazing and provoking photographic work in the world. Photos come in from around the world, covering everything from natural disasters to political coverage to … chickens. I remember meeting Nicole Bengiveno at an event the NYTime was covering (as well as the Star!) and she was beyond excited that her photos made the blog. It seems as LENS editors see it, if the photos evoke emotion and response from viewers, and ultimately tell a story, they are down to run it.

I adore everything posted, and I check the blog constantly. Although the NYTimes is a far stretch from The University Star, the photos the publish help fuel my dreams of someday covering such events as displayed on LENS.

To view LENS, go here:

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