let me introduce myself

Posted on November 2, 2009


my name is sara, and i’m nineteen years young.

as much as i would like to give you specifics about my life, i can’t. long story.

anyway, this is my new photo blog! i’ve gone through blog after blog, even once making a wordpress account, but i didn’t like it too much (SORRY WP). but time and time again, i would forget to keep up with it. let it sit static for months. well, this time around, things will be different. every shoot i do will be on here, i promise that.

a few fun facts:

  • i love ice tea, but only if it’s unsweet. in fact, i love all tea, unless it’s sweet.
  • i’m addicted to twitter. follow me here: http://twitter.com/saramarjorie
  • if the TV is on, there is a 99% chance i am watching msnbc. the other 1% usually consists of weeds, the hills, and national geographic.
  • i’m single. i figure that’s a normal, uninteresting fact.
  • i was printed in time magazine once.

anyway, i’m sure i could think of more. i think i will start posting a few personal blogs every now and then as well as photos. hope you enjoy my blog, and keep checking back! i update it every few days! 🙂

sincerely, sara

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